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Our favorite dishes were the Leaves and Stones salad (“stones” meaning stone fruit like open slow cafe peaches), the Caramelized Lobster Rice, the Hazelnut-Fed Pork , and the Sweet Corn dessert, which tasted like vanilla ice cream with wonderfully crispy quinoa sprinkled on top. I can’t really nail down the ethnicity of the food, but the common themes are fire grilling, smoked and charred flavors, sweet fruit in almost every dish, and of course fresh farm-to-table ingredients. The presentation definitely exudes a return to primitive life and nature. For your after-meal stroll, there are some interesting stores nearby on La Brea, but most are closed at night.

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  • Open for delivery and takeout, and very limited indoor seating.
  • See Mid-City restaurants on Uber Eats that you’ve never tried?
  • On Sunday mornings, check out the Melrose Farmer’s Market from 8 AM to 2 PM located on Melrose Place between La Cienega Blvd and Melrose Avenue.
  • On the heels of Short Stories, chef Ricardo Zarate opened this Peruvian Nikkei restaurant along a popular stretch of Sunset Blvd.

Gish Bac is open seven days a week, but the focus should very much be on the weekends. Because that’s when their barbacoa fires up, and it’s life-changing. The meat is cooked over avocado leaves, and while we can’t say exactly what the direct effect of that is, it’s still an exciting statement to say to your friends who you’re dragging along. The bright spot in Mid City is also very easy to find, with plentiful parking, and there’s a salsa bar you’re definitely getting involved with.

Million People In The World Do Not Have Enough Food To Eat Daily And Thus Suffer From Food Insecurity

The menu is heavy on tapas like Sweet and Spicy Marcona Almonds, Spanish Olives, Croquetas Jamon, and plenty of conservas, plus large-format dishes like Spatchcock Piri Piri Chicken and Whole Grilled Sea Bass, in addition to a sizzling seafood paella, as well as a vegan version. Don’t disregard the dessert menu either, which presents Churros, Pastel de Nata, and Burnt Basque Cheesecake as worthwhile options. The cocktail menu is gin- and sherry-driven, with a trio of specialty sangrias on order.

Drinks at Bar Figueroa are brought to you by the cocktail guru fromEmployees Only in NYC; make a reservation at Bar Alta afterwards. 795 million people in the world do not have enough food to eat daily and thus suffer from food insecurity. The city of West Hollywood has some of the hottest restaurants and date destinations in Los Angeles. It encompasses the most happening stretches of the Sunset Strip, Santa Monica Boulevard, and Melrose Avenue. The Ivy is one of those super charming “restaurants-in-a-residence”, adorned with roses and other flowers both inside and outside. Really nice date atmosphere although the seating can be tight during peak periods.

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This is my list of the most romantic restaurants in Los Angeles that you need to book for anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s day, or when you really want to impress someone special. The restaurants on this list either have exceptional ambiance, or exceptional… There’s even a real vintage trolley in the back patio on some nights (usually populated by smokers, but if you find a break, it’s pretty cool). On Robertson just south of Beverly there are two charming restaurants to consider. There is a hidden one-block section of Sycamore avenue that has been rebuilt from abandoned industrial warehouses and now contains some charming restaurants as well as a record store.

With a speakeasy vibe, candlelit bar, and good cocktails, this is another of our favorite places. The real kicker is the secret dance room with fantastic DJs, hidden in the back. Off Wilshire Blvd are the centuries-old La Brea Tar Pits. One of the worlds most famous fossil excavation sites, you can take a tour of the natural history museum that sits behind the viewing area. We love the fact that this is right in the middle of Los Angeles. Okay, so technically Barnsdall Art Park is in “East” Hollywood, but we are including it here anyway.

Every Sunday, there’s a huge flea market on the campus at Fairfax High School two blocks north of the Grove called the Melrose Trading Post. It goes from 9 AM to 5 PM and features crafts, antiques, vintage clothing, and live music! It can be a fun Sunday date idea in the heart of mid-city if you’re into flea markets. There is paid parking in the underground parking garage accessible from 6th Street behind the museum, or in the small open across the street from the front of the museum. On those occasions when the museum is free all day, beware, because the parking lots and nearby streets get packed.

After 8 Short Months, A Soured Business Deal Shutters Bootleg Pizza On Pico

The intimate space offers a small selection of seating on the interior where you can watch as chef Smulovitz lends his final innovations to dishes before they’re sent out to guests, as well as sidewalk seating with a pleasant view of pedestrian-friendly Montana Ave. Savida just launched dinner service, with a wine menu to follow soon. The last five years have seen a steady rise in quality tacos al pastor, or marinated pork cooked on a vertical spit from street vendors, food trucks and taquerias serving one of the most popular street food items in Mexico. On the corner of Venice and La Brea, you’ll find a crowd gathering nightly for a brilliant show of knife work on the well-manicured mound of pork, as the cook flips small chunks of pineapple and catches them on a tortilla. Customers then dash to the condiment bar to add vegetables and salsas to complete their taco al pastor while enjoying the camaraderie and ambiance of genuine parking lot dining. Julio and Carolina Arellano’s ceviche house has the dual distinction of being one of the best raw seafood bars in L.A.

We at MCM plan to debunk the myth that an enormous amount of resources are required to meaningfully impact the world positively. The perfect way to extend a great date is to grab dessert at one of these spots! You’ll definitely want to bookmark this article because there will be a time when you want to continue a good date into the evening after most restaurants close. The food was great and the service was some of the friendliest I’ve ever experienced at a restaurant.

Erewhon Market 7660 Beverly Blvd

Sour beers are not new—intentionally sour beers have been brewed and blended in Belgium since the 1700s or earlier—but for a long time it was hard to get a good one in LA. But lately, IPA fatigue has taken hold and local breweries have been leaning into sours. In Long Beach, the mad scientists at Beachwood Blendery are creating a local version of classic Belgian Gueuze. In the Valley, the experts at Cellador infuse their farmhouse ales with subtle hits of herbs. Bright, tart, and funky options abound from the Inland Empire to the South Bay and everywhere in between. With all that acid, though, don’t forget to pack your Tums.

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